Monthly Archives: March 2015

Community students use SERA-17 for information on sustainable water use

Information on the SERA-17 website provides information to researchers, extension, farm advisors and policy folks across the nation.

Recently the information on our site was used by a group of children at The Brenham Community Center in Brenham, Texas, a town of just over 16,000 people, northwest of Houston.

Denise Chapman, a volunteer at the Center, said, “We’ve been reviewing some resources on the internet for a project about the environment and water conservation and came across your page. We have found it extremely helpful!”

As a thank you, the children sent us another page they found on water conservation. They thought we might want to add it to our site because it has the potential to help us and other visitors learn more about phosphorus in agricultural production.

A link to Water Conservation & The Possibilities site is now on our Links page.

“Generally for all internet research we do, we also tell the group to reach out to the source, or anyone else they get information from and share the additional information with others,” Chapman said. “We like to create a community of sharing knowledge and teaching the children there are real people at the other end of webpages that care about what information is put out there.”

This is clearly the same goal SERA-17 has and for our next generation of Phosphorus Folks to be a part of this process is most rewarding!