Mailing List

To subscribe or unsubscribe from a web page:


To subscribe from your email: 

(1)  Please send an email directly to

(2)  You will then receive an email back asking you to REPLY, or CLICK BELOW.  If you simply REPLY you will be able to join with any email.  If you “CLICK BELOW,” you will be required to sign in with a google account.  At that point, the request-to-join comes to the manger, and must be approved.

(3)  Alternatively, new members can email Steve Hodges ( and he can add you in manually.

The benefits of this switch are that users with a google account can also log into google, go to google groups, select sera17-g, and view past messages, in a window much like that of google mail.  Or , just go to

finally, the archive of old posts will, eventually, be transferred as well, so sera-17 will not lose its history.


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